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Freak trigger is the name coined by the Evil Genius community to describe a trap which is repeatedly set off on purpose by a freak. It is an effective way of making traps set off repeatedly, catching a higher proportion of agents.


The following section contains spoilers for the game. View at your own risk!


The idea of constant triggering

As the designers of Evil Genius made it impossible to create an infinite trap loop, players of Evil Genius came up with the idea of a very special kind of trigger to set off traps on a nearly constant base. Where the actual idea was that agents get caught by a trap which they triggered themselves, the freak trigger lets freaks do the triggering for them.

This works because freaks are so unintelligent that they trigger nearly any sensor on their path. Therefore by locking freaks up in a room with lots of sensors and linking these sensors to any trap, the traps are active on a nearly constant basis, meaning that even the best agents can have problems getting past them.

The design

The location of the freak trigger is important because freaks are very hard to keep under control. As freaks are generated in the laboratory, the freak trigger needs to be very close to the Lab in order to make their entrance into the sensor room as fast and smooth as possible. Freaks all have one thing in common (besides being homicidal, dumb and strong): they prefer to wander outside the base. That is the key to get them exactly where the player wants them to be. While creating a freak, set the door security level of the laboratory towards the main corridor to level 3, locking this way to exit the base. Then set the door security levels of the corridor which leads from the laboratory to the trigger room and of the corridor which leads from the trigger room to the main corridor to level 2, consequently providing an exit for the freak through the trigger room. When the freak enters the trigger room, set the door security levels of the trigger room back to level 3.

While normally freaks cannot be controlled, The Great Mesmero's Telepathic Mind Control skill can allow you to control the freaks for a short amount of time. You can then order the freak into a trigger room. Eli Barracuda's Ghetto Posse will make freaks follow him, and then Eli can lead them into trigger rooms.

There have been different designs for trigger rooms. The key to success is of course to maximize the triggering frequency. Some players create 1 square room for all 3 freaks, others divide the room in smaller rooms (1 for each freak). Different players also use different sensors.

An example design

The picture shows a design which may be used. In this case, use pressure pads as sensors because, due to their 1x1 tile coverage, pressure pads offer a higher triggering frequency than laserbeam sensors or motion sensors, which cover a larger area. Separate the trigger room in four smaller rooms so it is easier to lock up freaks without risking losing ones which have already been captured. The 'B' signs are supposed to present attention beehive. Since the scenario shown here is completely hypothetical, no attention was paid to the fact that when a Freak's Attention is fully drained, the Freak is killed. So, it is recommended you simply use another trigger here.

Finally, the latest upgrade, is to design the entry and exit corridor of the triggerroom as Steele Corridors. The only weakness of a freak trigger is John Steele who can jeopardize the functionality of each trap in the base which is linked to the freak trigger by setting the door security levels to 1 by using his special capabilities. Setting the door security levels to 1 means that the freaks will be able to escape the triggerroom and all traps will no longer be triggered. A Steele Corridor is nothing more than a 9x2 corridor with two windmachines and a series of pressure pads to avoid having freaks escape the triggerroom and keep the traps functional even when door security levels are set to level 1. The Steele Corridors are 9 tiles long in order not to make the freaks fly into the wall.


  • One of the main advantages of the freak trigger is that the sensors are kept out of sight for the agents. Sensors are a prime target and usually the reason why traps blow up and need to be repaired or rebuilt all the time. A freak-trigger eliminates this scenario.
  • A freak trigger in combination with an ubertrap is probably the most effective trap ever designed in Evil Genius.

Here is an ingame preview triggers are at the top left.

  • Keep your minions away from traps, especially when they are connected to a freak trigger!
  • Do not put the entrance and exit door of the trigger room near each other. It would make it much harder to set the door levels to level 3 on time and to avoid that other freaks escape during the process of guiding a new freak into the trigger room.
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