Human Mixer

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Item Details
Name Human Mixer
Location Mess Hall
Size image: Humanmixer.GIF
Cost 15,000
Heat 0
Power 0
Wear 200
Endurance 5
Time Active 08:00 - 18:30 (Recharging Minions) 11:30 - 14:30 (Bored Minions)

The human mixer (otherwise known as the advanced mess hall counter) is an advanced counter which, like the standard counter, provides endurance-replenishing food. This version costs three times as much - it's a little bigger and sports an industrial-sized mixer. This mixer doubles up as an interrogation device.

Interrogation Device Information

Interrogation Devices
Name Human Mixer
Drains Smarts

The Human Mixer is one of the first interrogation device, and considered by many as a very useful one. Even though it is possibly the slowest device available, interrogation takes place in the mess hall, which is one of the busiest rooms throughout the base during daytime. Thus, many minions will be able to witness the torture. As a plus, the slow speed of this interrogation device makes it very useful to detain super agents for as long as possible.

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