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Welcome to the Evil Planet Wiki! This collaborative effort can only be as good as the people who contribute to it, so go ahead and sign up an account and help manage articles based around the game. We need information about all the characters, the islands, the levels, the team behind it and the community. Be Bold and make some pages - they can always be edited and organized in time! New users may have restricted rights when creating new pages - if you have questions or need help, visit the forum.

Major Articles

  • Objectives - a full list of all the objectives and sub-objectives in the game.
  • Minions - details about minions in general, plus full details on all the different types.
  • Training - help us complete this important section of the wiki!
  • Super Agents - pages for each Super Agent have recently been completed.
  • Rooms - building information and stats for each room.
  • Debug Mode - a complete list of all dev mode codes, and how to activate them.
  • Stats - in depth articles about each type of characters statistic
  • Research - details the research needed for advanced room items and traps

Featured Article

A list of rooms.


Rooms are some of the most important aspects of the game. They are the main areas of which your base is constructed of. Rooms come in many different types, including Corridors, Barracks, and Freezers. Rooms can only be built by Construction Workers, but Valets can place items in it when it is completed.

We need your help!

This site needs your help to continue to grow and be a great resource for Evil Genius fans.

Please check out EvilPlanetWiki:Community_Portal for information about sections which need to be created or expanded upon.

How Can I Help? is another useful place to check, especially to find screengrabs needed for articles.

Another useful page is the Special:Allpages page, which lists all our current articles. Please use that to search to see whether articles have already been created.

If you need some help with creating pages, please check our Help:Editing page.

And don't forget you can practise using wiki software and tells us about yourself on your own page - sign up, sign in and click on your name in the top right hand corner.

Special Note (Feb 2013) - due to an enormous amount of bot spam, we've had to lock down the wiki a bit - you'll still be able to edit pages if you see problems, but some actions (such as uploading or creating pages) will not be allowed until 30 days after your account is initally created or your account has been approved. To have your account approved, go to our forum and send a private message to WebNutMark requesting access (along with your wiki username) - I will send you an IM letting you know when your account has been authorized. We appologize for this inconvenience.



We are currently working on 545 articles about everyone's favorite game

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