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Red Ivan, also known as The Totally Insane Russian Pyromaniac (or Pyromaniac Russian Idiot who Constantly Kills (allies through fire)), is a henchman found in the employ of many an Evil Genius. This is partly because he is one of the first new henchmen available for hire, when the notoriety of 75 is reached. Another reason for his popularity is his skill with the Rocket Launcher, which he carries with him everywhere, and can do huge amounts of damage with - to multiple enemies. Be warned, however: the projectiles explode over a relatively large area, and can damage your minions as well as setting your base on fire.

His accent, physical build, and his lines are reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

World Map Stats

Steals at 2.5x. Plots at 3x.

Stealing: Fair
Plotting: Poor
Endurance: Excellent
Special Ability: Protects allies in battle

Past History

'Red' Ivan, a former general of the Russian secret police, left the motherland after a series of disputes with his superiors, mainly regarding his questionable methods of personnel management. Not immune to the pleasures of wanton torture themselves, his secret police colleagues found even their dubious moral compasses pointing to 'depraved' in respect to Ivan's sadistic antics, and unanimously ejected him from his post and into exile.

Now Ivan has a grudge to bear against the whole world. His hatred for both the capitalist pig-dogs and for the Soviet betrayers has left Ivan's mind an ideological mess, confused in its loyalties and motivated only by blind psychosis and a lust for bloody vengeance. Ivan's disillusion with the superpowers makes him the ideal henchman - loyal to the evil cause, and with a sense of ethics even thinner than his patience. His physical presence is second to none - built like a T-34 tank and just as unstoppable, his easily stowed rocket launcher is his primary weapon.

Special Abilities

Cossack Grenade Jig: Ivan's party piece is a grisly piece of cultural heritage that few observe and none live to tell about. As he dances, Ivan lobs grenades in all directions, causing utter carnage.

Minefield: Ivan also has the ability to lay down a minefield in a specified location. This minefield is devastating if an agent is unfortunate enough to set it off, but only one can be placed at a time.

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