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There are five Super Agents, one from each alliance. These are the most powerful agents you will deal with, and cannot be killed by normal means. Each Super Agent has a weakness that you must discover in order to kill them, and until then, they can only be knocked out and/or locked up. They are very dangerous and create all sorts of chaos throughout your base, killing minions and destroying objects with one or two hits of an attack. These do-gooders will stop at nothing to destroy you and your evil base. There are ways to distract, damage and lower their Stats.

Super Agents are also the only way that your henchmen can be permanently killed during the game. Each henchman has three 'lives'. When the henchman is killed by a normal agent, these lives will not be affected. However, when killed by a Super Agent, one of these lives will be lost forever. If all three are lost to Super Agents, the henchman will die permanently.

Tips to defeat them

It is not so easy to defeat them, but these tips may help you:

1) Use you henchmen: use their special ability "Gather minions" for help you to fight.

2) Make the security door to 4 points: the minions will try to protect the doors.

3) Don't use the red alert until the Agent enter: because the minions will shoot on each other and there will be a chaos.

4) Ultra security: when you capture the special agent, use your henchmen to gather minions, all you can, and go to the armoury (henchmen with minions) and close the door with 4 points and the rest of the minions will try to guard the door if the Super Agent escapes. Also a good thing is having a special cell for them with traps on access points.

5) Create extra minions: if something unexpected happens.

6) Your enemies help you: sometimes the chaos that exists between the Forces of Justice when a super agent enters your island, soldiers, investigators, burglars and infiltrators from different sides will fight against those who are not the same Force of Justice, lock the doors with 4 points and hopes to among them all die, so it's easier.

7) ONCE CAPTURED: This is something I did and it seemed to work beautifully. When they are imprisoned, tell your minions to interrogate the Super Agent(s) with any interrogation device. Your Evil Genius must be present for their interrogation and he will make his way to the interrogation location. The interrogation will not begin until your Evil Genius arrives. To postpone the interrogations indefinitely, tell your Evil Genius to move to the other side of the complex, away from the interrogation. S/He will comply, and the Super Agent will be left standing there, perpetually waiting for your Evil Genius to arrive. Be careful, because once the Evil Genius arrives at the place you told him to go, he will immediately start back toward the interrogation. Just keep telling the Evil Genius to move away from the interrogation and you can "trap" several Super Agents successfully and never have to worry about them escaping. I have been able to successfully use this method to render Jet Chan and Marina Mamba useless. {whitehorn}

Expansion to Whitehorn strategy Build an additional room connected to the rest of the base with a corridor. Shut this corridor off with a door from other corridors. Lead your Evil Genius in the room and blow up the corridor seperating the room from the base. This way he's unable to go anywhere keeping both the Super Agents and the Evil Genius incapicitated (and save from assassins).

Though,seems like Evil Genius can walk under the floors like agents do,so this expansion is unusable.But if you have built a 2*2 inner sanctum,placed there a desk and made Evil Genius interact with it, he'll stay at it(and assassins also won't be able to go there under the floor).

Other possibility: make a special cell with a field door and an knockout gas cage by its access point and connect it with a trigger. When agent gets knocked down, he can't stand up because he is unable to get up cause he needs at least 10 endurance to raise,and a good freak trigger activates the gas when he has only about 5 endurance.(Green bee hive is also usable,but gas cage doesn't affect your minions behind the door,and bees can).

8) You can use the special abilities of your henchmen to temporarily pause the super agent, both allowing your henchmen to execute their ability and buy other minions time to wail on the target's stats. For example, use Lord Kane's Psychic Terror ability to force a super agent to stand still, then mark the super agent with a capture tag so that all nearby minions will beat on him to knock him out.

9) You can also use green bee traps. Both in the armory to prevent the superagent escapes and outside, to catch the superagent as soon as he arrives. simply spread some unconnected green bee trap. when the agent arrive connect the nearby trap to the freak trigger and enjoy the superagent feeling your wrath. when he is KO capture tag him and turn off the trap. these trap cost a little but consume no energy and traps rarely are attacked by wandering agents. and...well... ubertraps prevent agents to bother your bees. {skydrake}

  • One bug exploiting method of taking down any agent with minimal losses is as follows. Set up your base with security cameras covering the area immediately outside the entrance. Wait for the agent to come into range of the cameras, and then put a kill tag on them. Once there is an alert and at least one minion is attacking the agent, switch the tag on the agent to psychological weakening. This reliably causes the agent to stop fighting back whilst social minions perform their attention, loyalty and smarts draining moves on them, and the minion already attacking them will continue to attack until they are drained of health. With practice, any super agent will go down in a few seconds with minimal losses to your minions, especially with covering fire from a row of sentry guns and a crowd of minions attacking them instead of one. This bug appears to only work with minions in close combat, so marksmen or other armed minions who were shooting will stop when the tag is changed.

The Super Agents

Shows the agent from each alliance and what level your notoriety needs to be before they are dispatched to "deal" with you!

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