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The word Über-trap, coined by the Evil Genius community, is a trap combo which is indestructable and non-escapable (for agents only) and will generate large amounts of money. They are particularly difficult to design effectively, but if succesfuly made is likely to make the gameplay significantly easier as a result.


The following section contains spoilers for the game. View at your own risk!


Further definition

Who never got tired of super agents, of stealing money on the worldmap, of agents entering the base and creating massive destruction, of training minions over and over again, of base fires and so on? If you would like to get rid of these problems once and for all, then the über-traps are the solution.

After months of designing, testing and improving some members of the Evil Genius community have created trap combinations which:

  • are indestructable
  • keep all agents permanently trapped, including veterans and even super agents
  • ensure that after a while no more agents visit the island, turning it into a holiday resort
  • generate massive amounts of money in trap combos
  • keep their own minions out of the trap
  • ensure no heat is generated, despite the agents not returning to their headquarters.

Once the trap holds about 50 agents permanently trapped, no more agents come to the island and the player can fully focus on Acts of Infamy and completing game objectives without worrying about his base.

The design

Über-traps consist of two parts and an optional third part: the traproom, the trigger and, optionally, the delayroom.

Currently two designs of traprooms exist. They were named the "Square of Insanity" and the "Tornado trap". Both designs use the same principles but have 1 difference besides the size and shape of the rooms. The "Square of Insanity", despite generating large amounts of money, only occasionally generates Genius trap combos, while the smaller tornadotrap generates only Genius trap combos. On the other hand the tornado trap requires triggering without any delays while the larger Square of Insanity can handle small triggering delays, making it a safer traproom.

Both traprooms apply carefully placed and linked windgenerators and nervegas traps: the windgenerators make the agents fly in circles, generating the trap combos rewards, and the nervegas traps keep the agents unsuspicious and in a braindead state.

As a trigger both traps apply a Freak Trigger. The reason for this is that sensors are a prime target for agents. If sensors would be placed inside the traproom, making the agents do the triggering, occasionally some agents shortly wake up from their coma and manage to shoot a sensor which eventually leads to the total destruction of the trap.

The delayroom is optional. Its purpose is to improve trapcombos by delaying the activation of the nervegas traps until the wind generators are deactivated. As an additional bonus the delayroom serves great to terminate possible prisoners which escape their prison cell. Last but not least, it's great fun to watch.

The Square of Insanity

This could be easily made to look like a swastika if one was so inclined.

Notice how the distance in front of each Wind Machine is exactly 9 tiles. This is the maximum distance an agent can be blown away and therefore the agents will not get hurt in this trap. The yellow nervegas traps, which activate the last, ensure that the agents stay unsuspicious and do not even attempt to escape the room.

The number of entrance corridors can be reduced to 2 while maintaining the same efficiency.

This trap costs well over 300.000 and absorbs about 100 power units due to the high number of windmachine traps and nervegas traps. However, considering that it generates about 1 million in trapcombo rewards every 10 minutes, it is definitely a worthy investment. The player is recommended to build the advanced power generators before building this trap though.

It also requires some research before it can be built. However it can already be built around notoriety 80, so before Mariana Mamba or any veterans visit the island. It can also be built on the first island. One strategy is to build a second base entry towards the helipad and build the Square of Insanity between both base entrances.

The double doors, set at security level 3, are intended to keep minions out. With a single door social minions would enter the room immediately to guide the dumb agents outside the base when an agent manages to break the door open for a couple of seconds. Double doors are almost never opened at the same time, keeping minions out.

At first the player is recommended to babysit the trap until it is so full that no more agents come to the island. Especially when soldiers arrive, it is recommended to shortly set the door levels to 1 in order to guide them in. After all, soldiers love to shoot doors, rather than break them open. Once in the room, they are captured forever and the player does not need to worry anymore.

The poison gas trap is optional. It is NOT linked to the trap but may be linked in case the player would like to empty the trap for some reason. For instance, if a burglar tries to escape through the trap with an important piece of loot. A possibly more effective option is to hollow out a nook from the center wall for an un-linked Charge Cannon. -The charge cannon is not more effective, as it acts as a physical barrier which agents will be thrown into from one of the wind traps. It will kill the agents after a few activations of the ubertrap whether the charge cannon is linked or not. Poison gas trap is in the ceiling so it will not act as a physical barrier and will do nothing unless it is linked. It will take longer than the charge cannon to clear the trap though.

A delayroom can be linked between the last windmachine trap and the nervegas traps in order to make the windmachine traps have full effect before the nervegas traps activate, consequently improving trap combo rewards.

Here is a ingame Preview of the Trap

The Tornado Trap

Note: This trap does not quite work as advertised. It will trap agents indefinitely but does not generate enough combo's for genius level rewards.

In the Tornado trap the distance of 9 tiles in front of each Wind Machine ends up exactly in the center of the trap. The windtraps, which are located 1 tile further than their neighbouring windmachine trap, makes the agents fly until the 2nd tile of the nervegas trap in the center, causing the agents to fly in a clockwise motion on a surface of only 2X2 tiles. If also a delayroom is applied, this trap is capable of capturing agents over 20 times (!!!) during each activation before the nervegas trap provides the final touch. That is more than 3 times the required number to generate a Genius trapcombo, making this trap the most profitable trap ever designed. Also with the Tornado trap agents will not get hurt.

The number of entrance corridors can however not be reduced as all windtraps are required to make the agents spin around. The confusing pop-up traps have been added in the unlikely event that an agent would manage to reach the end of a corridor.

This trap is far cheaper than the Square of Insanity and also absorbs less power due to the lower number of windmachine traps and nervegas traps. In addition it is slightly smaller than the Square of Insanity.

It also requires some research before it can be built. It can also be built around notoriety 80.

This trap does have 1 downside though. The entry doors are much closer to the spot where the agents are trapped. Consequently the Freak Trigger must be optimally designed in order to have constant triggering. Some players prefer to put the doors slightly further away from the center of the trap and place magnet traps on the opposite wall in order to suck agents in the trap and simultaneously reduce the small risk of agents escaping the trap in the event of delayed triggering. Be however warned that giant magnet traps may suck an agent into a wall, leading to small health damage and consequently some heat.

Also here it is recommended to babysit the trap until it is so full that no more agents come to the island.

Another rather insignificant downside of the tornado trap is that no room is available to place a poisongas trap in the event the player would like to empty the trap for some reason.

The Delay Room

The delayroom is basically nothing more than a traproom, containing a chain of traps, who's activation slows down the activation of the nervegas traps in the Square of Insanity or Tornado Trap, consequently allowing the windmachine traps of both Übertraps to have full effect and improving the trap combo rewards. The delayroom is consequently linked between the last windmachinetrap and the first nervegas trap of the Übertraps.

Considering a windmachine trap is active for about 4 to 5 seconds, the delayroom needs to contain about 10 traps, which are linked from one to the next, in order to cover the windmachine trap's activation time.

One way to make handy use of a delayroom is to place it near the holding cells, luring escaping prisoners into it. The entrance to the delayroom, a door at security level 3, needs to be the first door they encounter when escaping their cell. The actual exit should be constructed on the back side of the holding cell. A corridor with about 10 prometheus revenge traps lined-up next to eachother definitely does the trick. Make sure to build the delayroom with freezertiles in order for your minions not to attempt to pick up bodybags.

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